Electronic Organs

Sphar Organ Service provides expert repair, installation, and maintenance on all types of electronic organs. From the smallest of home organs, to the largest of church and theater organs, we can repair you instrument. We provide repairs and maintenance for all types of organs, and also offer installation or unhooking of new and used instruments when they are being moved to a new location. We come prepared to complete 99% of repairs the first time we come to your home or business.

We service all major brands including the following:

  •  Allen

  • AOB

  • Baldwin

  • Church Organ Systems

  • Conn

  • Gulbransen

  • Hammond

  • Heyliger

  • Johannus

  • Kawai

  • Kimball

  • Leslie Speakers

  • Lowrey

  • Magnavox

  • Rodgers

  • Roland

  • Saville

  • Schober

  • Thomas

  • Trek Products

  • Wurlitzer

  • Yamaha

Sphar Organ Service can also perform any upgrades or modifications to your organ that you desire. From installing additional speakers, adding MIDI capabilities, or hooking up a chime unit to your organ, we can take care of all of your needs.

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